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Maybe you don’t need a rocket scientist, but it helps

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October 4, 1957

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Asbestos guru
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NEW!! ASTM Asbestos Exposure Assessment Standard

ASTM D7886 Standard Practice for Asbestos Exposure Assessments for Repetitive Maintenance and Installation Tasks
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Asbestos-Cement: Myths and Facts Why it matters

Confronting the International Asbestos-Cement Industry
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Andy Oberta is an asbestos guru -- and a former rocket scientist. He holds the unique combination of Aeronautical Engineering and Master of Public Health degrees. An internationally-recognized expert on asbestos control, he provides special consultation services for problems and projects of an unusual or confidential nature, expert witness services for litigation related to asbestos health effects and the management of asbestos-containing materials, and asbestos training services and products.

Andy is Certified in Comprehensive Practice by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and is licensed as an Asbestos Consultant in Texas. He is accredited according to EPA asbestos regulations as an Inspector, Management Planner and Project Designer for schools and for public, commercial and industrial buildings.

Andy is a Past-President of the Environmental Information Association, chaired the AIHA Asbestos Subcommittee and is an AIHA Fellow. He is the technical contact responsible for five asbestos control standards under the jurisdiction of ASTM Sub-committee D22.07 on Sampling and Analysis of Asbestos and was chairman of the ASTM Task Group on Asbestos Management that developed these standards. Andy Oberta is the author of the ASTM Manual on Asbestos Control: Surveys, Removal and Management – Second Edition, which explains the use of these standards. Early in his career, he was a member of the American Rocket Society and worked on the largest solid propellant rocket motors ever made.

Andy Oberta supports the activities of the Texas Hill Country Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (, the Environmental Information Association (, ASTM International ( and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (

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