Andrew F. Oberta, MPH, CIH

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(left) Andy Oberta receiving the ASTM Award of Merit in 2016; (right) addressing the 2012 Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization conference.

Andy Oberta is an asbestos guru -- and a former rocket scientist -- who holds the unique combination of Aeronautical Engineering and Master of Public Health degrees. He is an internationally-recognized expert on asbestos control, a field in which he has specialized since 1980. In addition to consulting and training services, he provides expert witness services for litigation related to the hazards and management of asbestos-containing materials. His experience includes many unusual, challenging and confidential projects, of which the following are a few examples. Click on the links in the boxes for details on these assignments.
Asbestos consulting for church schools Comprehensive Asbestos Survey of Gypsum Plant Asbestos management program for a major university
Asbestos management program for a paper mill Community exposure near asbestos mines in South Africa Asbestos management for a primary metals company
Asbestos management program and training for electric utility Asbestos abatement project in a large warehouse Claim involving removal of 100,000 ft² of floor tile
Operations and Maintenance in Vermiculite Exfoliation Plant Asbestos contamination in Northern Israel Work practices training for non-friable materials


Mr. Oberta has over forty years of professional experience as an environmental consultant, having provided services in air pollution and industrial hygiene as well as asbestos consulting. He is Certified in Comprehensive Practice by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. Mr. Oberta is accredited according to EPA asbestos regulations as an Inspector, Management Planner and Project Designer for schools and for public, commercial and industrial buildings, and was licensed as an Asbestos Consultant in Texas from 1995 to 2017.

Mr. Oberta is the author of the ASTM Manual: Asbestos Control: Surveys, Assessment, Abatement and Maintenance: 3rd Edition , as well as the first and second editions published in 1995 and 2005. He received the Award of Merit, ASTM's highest honor, in April 2016 recognizing his thirty years of service

Mr. Oberta has served as President of the Environmental Information Association (the former National Asbestos Council), and also as an officer and director. He received the Jack Snider, Jr. Lifetime achievement award from EIA in 2006. He is the Technical Contact for four asbestos control standards under the jurisdiction of ASTM Sub-committee D22.07 on Sampling and Analysis of Asbestos and has co-chaired sessions at the triennial D22.07 Johnson Conference. Mr. Oberta has chaired the American Industrial Hygiene Association Asbestos subcommittee and was elected an AIHA Fellow in 2007.

Prior to entering the environmental field, Mr. Oberta worked in the aerospace industry on rocket propulsion and interplanetary spacecraft programs. His primary contributions were in the development of large solid rockets and in the fields of planetary quarantine and contamination control. Early in his career, he was a member of the American Rocket Society.

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